The Flag off ceremony

The 99th Indian Science Congress Vigyan Jyot was flagged off from Miranda House (University college for women) on the 16th December 2011 at the hands of Prof. Dinesh Singh (Vice Chancellor Delhi University).

The theme of 99th Indian Science Congress is "Science and technology for inclusive innovation-Role of women" which makes the flag off ceremony from Miranda house symbolic. Miranda house is one of India's prestigious college for women for the last 3 decades. The occasion was graced by Prof. Dinesh Singh (VC Delhi University), Prof. Krishnan Lal (President INSA), Mr. Ravi Boratkar (Organiser, 99th ISC-POI Expo-Vigyan Jyot), Ms.Shirin Ashraf (Research Assistant, University of South Hampton) and Dr. Pratibha Jolly (Principal, Miranda House). Dr. Pratibha Jolly gave the welcome address, theme speech and spoke about D. S. Kothari (Research centre for youth), which is a contribution to the society. The 99th ISC-POI Expo-Vigyan Jyot overview was given by Mr. Ravi Boratkar. He briefed about the origination of Vigyan Jyot and success over the past 2 years. A short film on 99th ISC-POI Expo-Vigyan Jyot was shown to the audience and than a former student Ms.Shirin Ashraf of Miranda house, who now is a research assistant at University of South Hampton shared her experience's and aspiration as a student of science. Prof. Krishnan Lal (President INSA) told the students how spending time in the laboratories and research centres helps us in understanding our basics and creating new innovations. On this occasion Prof. Dinesh Singh (VC Delhi University) said using hands in the laboratories gives us a sense of participation and joy after the success of the result. He motivated the students by saying "science is not easy, but life is not easy as well ".

Then the ceremonies lightning of Vigyan Jyot took place at the hands of Prof. Dinesh Singh and other dignitaries. Then there was the traditional torch run by the students of Miranda house in the college campus. The dignitaries handed over the torch to the torch bearers of Vigyan Jyot team, who then proceeded further on the nationwide journey of Vigyan Jyot.

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